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Save the resources of our planet by buying second hand products.

Why ?

Many people accumulate things in their houses without having any use for it. Things that they bought and don’t use, things that they only used maybe once or twice or sometimes because they need change small part to be usefull.

After some period of time these things are usually being thrown away even though they are still valuable and could be reused.

Companies around the world throw away brand new products, because they finally do not want to sell it. This can be because of many reasons, for example: economical (they want to sell new model every year), or it gets technologically outdated (which often means only small difference between new and "old" technology), etc.

How ?

By buying second hand products, you can personally reduce the mining of new resources, waste generation, emissions, etc. Producers will not produce new products from new resources on our planet, because of lower consumption demand. They will produce less products, packaging material and overall use less energy, etc.

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